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    the Holocaust

    Jews from Tetiev, Ukraine endured persecution and terror
    to realize a new life in Cleveland, Ohio

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    • What happened in Tetiev?
    • Pogroms in the Ukraine; 1917-1920
  • What happened in Tetiev?

    What happened
    in Tetiev?

    Death and destruction reign
    as Jews are targeted for slaughter

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    • Slideshow01
    • What happened in Tetiev?
    • Pogroms in the Ukraine; 1917-1920
  • Pogroms in the Ukraine; 1917-1920

    in the Ukraine

    Jews are the scapegoats in the deadly aftermath
    of World War I, the Russian Revolution and the Ukrainian War of Independence

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    • Slideshow01
    • What happened in Tetiev?
    • Pogroms in the Ukraine; 1917-1920

Trek to Tetiev

  • We meet with Alexander Dukhovny, the chief rabbi of the Progressive Reform movement in Ukraine.

  • A bat mitzvah service and a sobering trip to the Babi Yar massacre memorial in Kiev.

  • The heroes of the Euromaidan, then on to Tetiev.

  • The Tetiyev Museum, an educator and the Jewish cemetery. Oh, and don’t forget the cows.

  • The marketplace in Tetiev, drones over the Jewish cemetery and background on the 1920 pogrom.

  • A deeper exploration of the cemetery, a talk with the neighbors and a local artist/historian and a meeting with the mayor of Tetiev, Mastriuk Ruslan.

  • Notes on Ukrainian food and indoor plumbing.

  • We meet Anna Zaika, who is not Jewish, and ponder the mystery of the Zake surname.

  • The locavores, friendly people and the black mark of the pogrom.

Zake mugshot

Susan Kirkman Zake

“Dante’s Inferno pales besides the realities of every day life [for Jews] in the Ukraine.“
Rapes, beatings, burnings, mutilations and slow death were the lot of an estimated one hundred thousand Jews in the Ukraine from 1918 to 1920.  “Chaos and lawlessness” ran rampant and the pogroms perpetrated at this time were the most extensive massacres of Jews prior to the Holocaust.

Hundreds of the survivors made their way to Cleveland, Ohio and established vibrant communities and lived the American dream.

This is their story and the story of their families, the story of the Jews of Tetiev.


Susan Kirkman Zake Journalist, Documentarian

Roadtrip Stories

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The Videos

  • Dukhovny is the chief rabbi of the Progessive movement in Ukraine. He is based in Kiev.

  • Ilene Savin talks about her family’s early years in the United States.

  • Father Taras Kinash is one of the Ukrainian Orthodox priests in Tetiev, Ukraine.

  • Gertrude Liss looks for Anna Sherman in the Ridge Road Jewish cemetery.

  • Minnie Kauffman returned to her old neighborhood in Glenville courtesy of the Oheb Zedek Legacy Tour.

  • Meylakh Sheykhet talks about Jewish life in the Ukraine during the Soviet times.

  • Since no Jews live in Tetiev, Ukraine, the Jewish cemetery has been neglected for years.

  • Drone view of the Jewish cemetery in Tetiev, Ukraine.

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