Tetiev Resources


The Slaughter of the Jews in the Ukraine in 1919, Elias Heifetz, J.U.D.

The Pogroms in Ukraine under the Ukrainian Government — 1917-1920 (French); Leo Motzkin


Jews, Pogroms, and the White Movement: A Historiographical Critique

Ancestry and Genealogy Resources:

Avotaynu Online; Jewish Genealogy & Family History

Historical resources:

Western Reserve Historical Society

YIVO Archives and Library Collections at the YIVO Institute of Jewish Research

History of Jewish communities in Ukraine

History of Jewish communities in Kiev province (gubernia)

Ghetto Fighters’ Archives and Library. Part of Beit Lohamei Haghetaot, the Ghetto Fighters’ House Museum

Haymarket to the Heights, Jeffrey Morris’ history of the synagogues in Cleveland http://jewishcleveland.weebly.com/

Other Tetiev stories:

The story of Sam and Minnie Klausner in Cleveland

Recalling My Youth; David Spevack’s story of surviving the Tetiev pogroms

Jewish cemetery projects:

The Town of Tetiev:

City of Tetiev government site; use Google translate browser extension

The Videos

  • Dukhovny is the chief rabbi of the Progessive movement in Ukraine. He is based in Kiev.

  • Ilene Savin talks about her family’s early years in the United States.

  • Father Taras Kinash is one of the Ukrainian Orthodox priests in Tetiev, Ukraine.

  • Gertrude Liss looks for Anna Sherman in the Ridge Road Jewish cemetery.

  • Minnie Kauffman returned to her old neighborhood in Glenville courtesy of the Oheb Zedek Legacy Tour.

  • Meylakh Sheykhet talks about Jewish life in the Ukraine during the Soviet times.

  • Since no Jews live in Tetiev, Ukraine, the Jewish cemetery has been neglected for years.

  • Drone view of the Jewish cemetery in Tetiev, Ukraine.